Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kim, This Video is to you

5/8/2009 1:15:13 AM KIM! This video is for you!
You have denied me the affection of Madeline.
You have lost me a son.
You need to grow up.
I will forgive you for the anger YOU have created in our life.
When are you going to get our only grandchild baptized?
I am writing this in anger.
Have you read my handwritten bucket list yet?
Here’s the url Check it out and do NOT call me anymore. If you call, I’ll NOT answer.
Sorry it had to be this way.
You have caused my #1 son to be afraid of me? That I do not understand.
Please get some help!
God bless you both and please give a hug to Madeline from his grandfather.
Watch it’s a Wonderful Life movie and currently I’m Jimmy Stewart awaiting a guardian angel to vent unto.
I guess making this blog is my therapy.
See you in family court.
I want visiting privileges just like divorced families go through. YOU’LL LOSE!

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