Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day & My thoughts


So many web addresses, so little time.

I’m writing this from my laptop, a DELL Inspiron. That reminds me, I should probably renew my warranty through DELL again.

This last week has been very uneventful in my life.

My backyard therapy continues. Sally took a photo of me in front of all the trash bags piled up for the trash guy. It’s from her new camera.

Gotta run … church time.



5/25/2009 6:38:34 AM


Today is Memorial Day.

This is a day to honor our soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for our freedoms.

Today I’ll do what I do most every day, with the exception of pausing to pay my respects.

As many of you reading this may or may not know, I’m a veteran.

Here’s a summary of my military service:

Sept 1966-Sept 1970 – USAF Active Duty
1976- 1979 – US Army Reserve
1980 – 1993 USAF National Guard

The dates are fuzzy. I am currently attempting to file with the VA a disability.

A while ago, my brother Dale informed me that he is getting $400.00 for injuries suffered during his time in service. He suggested should file also. Not one to disobey my brother, I filed. I’m still awaiting the results. The problem is providing evidence. My DD214 is unreadable. So I’ve been calling weekly and also surfing the web. The awaiting check will some day happen. But then again, it may not happen. We’ll see.


We are in the middle of a recession. How is the hope and change affecting you? I thought our new BO president was going to help?

Our government is spending us into oblivion! How are we going to pay all this back?

So, what am I going to do this Memorial Day?

I am going to do the same what I do every day .. NOTHING .. lol J

Thank You fellow VETERANS for giving me the FREEDOM to do NOTHING.

Respectfully submitted,

Myron D. Holter




PS: I’m NOT looking for a JOB, but I still keep filing for unemployment.

Kansas is broke too.

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