Thursday, May 21, 2009

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5/21/2009 5:48:52 AM

Thursday’s blog:

Good morning self.

Don’t forget to have lunch with BIG-M. I believe that it’s his turn .. correct?

Our country’s financial straits are in dire straits!


That is the title of what’s on the FOX news channel at the moment.

Sally & I are SO glad that we’ve decided to take our personal FINANCES under control.

This month has been a budget buster. There’s a little thing called TAXES! I had to write a BIG check for our real estate and vehicle licenses. So, our home equity loan will most likely be a wash this month.

I am reminded about watching a video on Dave Ramsey’s FPU. Getting out of debt is like using the crock-pot, instead of using the microwave.

By back yard therapy continued yesterday. I was able to trim a tree overhanging and rubbing on our roof. I remember a few years ago, we had to have our roof replaced because the limbs were rubbing the shingles.

I also was able to get some more trash bags ready for the next city trash run.

Writing to my blog is also my therapy.

I have two new friends, Kevin M. and Frank S.

They also are concerned about the direction our country is going.

Unfortunately they are NOT on the web. I will need to use the Postal Service and the telephone to communicate with them.

Dr. Weyren’s office called and told me the results of his physical analysis of me. I have a slight blockage. I asked his nurse if that means I’ve got some more time to spend on this earth. We had a good laugh!

Guess I’d better get this off to

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