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More Father's Day Memories

6/20/2009 8:01:42 AM


Tomorrow is Father’s Day. I’ll probably do what I do every day.. And that’s to do whatever I FREELY decide to do.

While the video is uploading, I’ll write a little bit about my father, Adolph G. Holter. DAD was born in Bruce SD Jan 07,1907. He died May ??, 1977 , I think.

I wrote a little bit about DAD in a previous blog.

6/20/2009 8:25:37 AM

Just finished watching my favorite TV program, Red/Green on PBS. The video about my DAD is finished also.

The Internet is a powerful tool of communication. Unfortunately, there are a lot of BAD people out there. Our website is a GOOD website.

John, please give a hug to our only grandchild from me. Print out my bucket list and reply accordingly.

Happy Father’s DAY all you Dad’s out there.

6/21/2009 7:28:03 AM


Today is the real Father’s Day. I’ve written about my father, Adolph, in my previous writings.

Today, I’d like to write a little about my father-in-law, Theodore “Ted” Corry, Sally’s DAD. Sally could write more about her father, as I just came on the scene when we were first married.

I remember Ted the most from the days we used to visit them back in the 1970’s. Ted and Gerry would always make us feel welcome. We used to play golf together. Ted and Gerry lived in Davenport IA, 503 W 31st to be exact. Ted loved to garden. He would have a small plot in their back yard. Ted could raise vegetables with loving care.

My father-in-law was also a war hero. At the Davenport IA museum is a photo of him returning from the war embracing Gerry. Pat (Sally’s sister) is in the background. We have that book somewhere.

Ted & Gerry gave birth to three children:

Pat (Corry) Garner
Robert Cork Corry
Sally (Holter) Corry

Cork is my only brother-in-law on Sally’s side of the family.
Pat passed away a couple of years ago.

I married my one and only wife of many years, Sally on 10/04/1969

There are many photos of the Corry family in our wedding book.

I remember Ted mostly by the way he cared for his wife. Ted loved ALL his family and wanted us all to be happy.

Ted died in the 1990’s .. I don’t recall the year.
Gerry passed away in 1978, I believe.

Somewhere I’ve need to research out Ted and Gerry’s obit.

RIP Ted.. you were a WONDERFUL DAD

See you in heaven.

Your loving son

My.. That’s the nickname Ted gave me.. “MY”

You can reach me online by calling up

6/21/2009 7:24:57 PM


Today we celebrated our father’s at church. We had outdoor services today at Crestview Park near our home.

I honored my father by posting his name on a Christmas Tree. The rest of us did the same.

There are so many memories of my DAD.

I was raised on a farm NE of Bruce SD. I am the youngest son, with an older sister and a younger sister.

My family goes like this:

Adolph G. Holter (my father)
Cecelia M. (Bergh) Holter (my mother)

Wesley K. Holter oldest brother
Ronald G. Holter next oldest
Dale N. Holter next oldest
Adelpha C. (Holter) Reppe older sister
Myron D. Holter (the thorn between two roses) .. ME

And finally, the baby of the fam ..

Julie M. (Holter) Anderson

My parents were married in Aug 1936

We honored my parents 40th wedding anniversary the summer of 1976. My DAD passed away the following May 1977 .. I think.

So that is my immediate family. Mom is still alive at the young age of 95. Listen to a previous video blog as I taped her about a month ago.

I was privileged to be raised up in a Christ centered home. To that I place my parents in the highest esteem. They are my heroes. All my family are my heroes.

While growing up, I would like to wonder off by myself. I still do.

My family would look for me. When I was four or five, I wondered off, took all my clothes off, and went looking for turtle eggs up the Sioux river. DAD was at a farm auction in Brookings SD, I’ve been told. The whole Bruce SD community heard about it and went looking for me. Otto Rust, was seining for my body downstream. I went upstream.

These are just some of my memories of my childhood.

My father had various moods. In public DAD would always seem like a happy go lucky guy. But when he was home alone, DAD was quiet. I never got a hug from my DAD. My brothers never got a hug either. Back in those days, fathers just didn’t do that; show any emotion to ones SONS. Our Norwegian culture was one of restraint in public. But we all felt loved and it didn’t matter.

I remember when I was 14 years old, Gerald Skovlund, my 1st cousin, told me to go home immediately, as my DAD had a heart attack. We were in the middle of playing a softball game at Bruce SD. I drove home to the farm and I thought DAD was going to die. DAD spent some time in the hospital and he came back in good strength. DAD lived some 20 years after his heart attack back then.

I believe I wrote earlier about how my father died. Let me just add some thoughts about those days.

DAD died doing what he liked to do. DAD was a farmer, and he wanted to paint every building on our farm home. He started with the RED barn. My sister, Delpha, begged him to hire a helper. DAD had a history of heart disease among other health issues. DAD also had an inner ear vertigo problem. But DAD was DAD.

My nephew found DAD at the foot of the ladder. The red paintbrush followed his path down the ladder.

When Sally & I first arrived to pay our final respects to DAD, I grabbed a paintbrush and painted over the trail to his death. I could NOT bear to see it.

DAD had one of the largest funerals in Bruce SD history. DAD had lots of relatives and friends. He lived all his life on the farm I grew up in. …

6/22/2009 7:10:02 AM

It’s Monday after Father’s Day and I’ll finish writing about my father.

All in all I had a wonderful DAD. My father led me to Jesus. What more can I say.

Guess I’ll post this to my web.

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