Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sally's email

Hi all,

Thanks much to Cork & Bette, Wes and Janet, Julie and John and Scott and Barb for letting us stay a night with you while we were on vacation. We had a great time.

We left on Thursday, June 4th, and spent the night in Omaha with Cork and Bette. We had a good visit and enjoyed our overnight stay with them and the boys. Hi Michael and Jackson. Hope you are doing fine.

From Omaha on Friday, June 5th, we headed up to SD and stayed in Julie and John's house for a couple nights. Myron picked up his mom on Sunday morning and he brought her to church. We had a good visit and enjoyed staying in SD for a couple nights.

Sunday afternoon, June 7th, we headed out for Wes and Janet's and got there about 5:00 p.m. or so. It was very cold up there, about 46 degrees. Ooh boy. We needed a jacket. We had a nice visit and I had to take a couple of photos of the lake, of course. Janet has a neat hummingbird feeder off her deck and there were some that flew by. I tried to get a photo but they are fast little buggers and I couldn't get a good shot.

Myron did his exercises with Wes and they did very good. Hope you are feeling better now, Wes, and getting along a little better each day. Glad you can drive now and ride the lawn mower. Be careful on that lawn mower.

Monday, we left for St. Paul, Minnesota and White Bear Lake where my nephew, Scott lives. We spent the night with them and Scott took us around the area and showed us the community they live in. We had fun visiting and went out to dinner to a fun place.

Scott talked us into going up by Green Bay to see Lake Michigan and the peninsula rather than going to the Wisconsin Dells. He told us that the Wisconsin Dells was more for families that have kids as there are a lot of water parks in the area and that it would be more fun for us and a prettier view if we went up by the Lake. We went out to dinner with Barb and Scott and spent the night at their house. Had a great visit.

We went to Green Bay and toured Lambeau Field where the Packer's play. We had a great guide who has done this for 10 years. He gave Myron a hard time because Myron had on a t-shirt that had purple on it which immediately he picked up that Myron may have been a Vikings fan. So we had a lot of fun joking with the guide.

I got some great photos of the field and the whole atrium. I then went into the Pro shop and did a little shopping. Whoo, everything was high dollar but they did have a little clearance area and I bought a hat for Mark. After the tour, we headed up north to the Peninsula.

We also went up to the Peninsula to Fish Creek and went to a Fish Boil. I'm not a fish eater but my oh my that fish was really good. We stopped at the dock where the boats were and I filmed a boat coming in which was the Coast Guard boat. Interesting. We then went back to our Motel 6 motel in Green Bay and spent the night.

From there we ended up in Oshkosh the next day and went to the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association). We saw an actual replica of the Wright Brother's airplane, old airplanes that people have donated and the Space capsules, etc. It was supposed to take 1 1/2 hours. It took us 3 hours or more.

After that, we went across the road to the Outlet Mall so I could do some shopping. Myron relaxed in the car and read his book while I did some shopping. I saw a store called American Girl. They had some clothes for girls and also some doll clothes for the American Girl doll. I thought I would get something for Madeline there. I opened the door and every mother and their daughters were in there purchasing stuff as they were having a 50-75% off sale on the clothes. I left. Not patient enough to stand in line that long. They won't sell the dolls there so I said forget it.

We drove awhile and spent the night in the Country Inn at Port Washington, WI. It was our pricy hotel for the vacation. The next day we went into Port Washington and walked the Pier for one last look at Lake Michigan. My goodness, it is a big lake for sure. We chatted with the guide of a fishing boat who takes guys out to fish on the lake for a price, of course.

We spent one day in Chippawa Falls and took a tour of the YMCA there and did some other fun things there. Nice little town. I enjoyed it a lot. Had to stop at the local homemaid Ice cream shop. It was delicious, of course.

Then, the next day, after Port Washington, it was time to head for home. We went home via Illinois and I-80 (the busiest interstate of all time). We had a nostalgic night in Prophetstown, Illinois. This is the small town that my mom was born and raised and my grandma lived.

I hadn't been there probably for 50 some years. It was hard trying to decide which apt. bldg. my grandma lived in and where her office may have been. She was an Osteopathic doctor. I think Myron really enjoyed this stop. We stayed at the little motel there and drove home, 500 miles, the next day.

So much for our trip. Sorry if I bored you all.

Thanks to all who hosted us. We had a great time visiting with all the sibs and my nephew.



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