Tuesday, June 16, 2009


6/16/2009 5:41:02 AM


There is so much to do. Sometimes I wish I had a 40 hour week job again just to not feel guilty about so much free time. .. NAAAHHH J

I need to do a lot of things. Being retired gives me the opportunity to get stuff done. I love being retired.

But the bills do not go away.

The month of June is a wash budget wise. We spent a lot of $$$ with food, lodging, etc. Sally wrote an email to the folks and I was able to post it to our blog. She’s a better writer than me. I just write.

Yesterday was Bert’s memorial service. The service was very nice. I was able to get Elly Brigg’s VCR ready for her upcoming visiting grandchildren also.

Later Fred wanted to show me his children’s train he just built. I told him of my plans to build a casket for me. We laughed about that. He’s going to try to find me some specks from some magazine somewhere.

Guess I get some more coffee.

Our BO president wants to destroy our country.

Our little group called www.caiitopeka.org is still around. We’re just NOT meeting this summer.


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