Thursday, July 16, 2009

My TODO List

7/16/2009 4:05:46 AM


- Finish taxes – 2007-
- Write to my blog
- Organize the family room
- Pray daily
- Mail letter to the agency to find my DD214
- Check my email
- Look up good websites and post accordingly
- Make a schedule and stick to it
- Prepare to head for Bruce SD
- Weekly lunch with Mark (and John someday)
- Teach folks about RELIV (only if they’re interested)
- Update my bucket list
- Help Sally with her SS web site
- Be nice to wife daily
- Drink coffee
- Enjoy being retired
- Try to sleep later than 7:00 AM (WHY?)
- Clean house (UGH)
- Work in backyard and not have a heart attack
- Have a sense of humor
- Be the S.S.C.C. every Mon-Weds- FRI @ 10 AM
- Do my exercises daily
- Buy another year golfing @ Forbes (budget permitting)
- Organize another FPU @ OSLC
- Love my Family, even those who don’t want me in their lives.
- Try to pick up clean up and make our home look presentable for guests.

That’s about it for today. BOY, my TODO list keeps growing. Maybe I should find a job? … NAAAHHH !!

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  1. I forgot to mention to prick my finger daily to check on my diabetes - myron