Friday, August 14, 2009



8/14/2009 4:10:07 AM

Good Morning.

Well, I’m not a sleeping giant, just another mobster that my radio hero, SEAN HANNITY , likes to refer me as. Sean is asking everyone who calls to now have a nickname.

How about my nickname being “My the MOBSTER”

“My” is what my father-in-law nicknamed me years ago. I liked it. So “MY THE MOBSTER” will be my nickname from here on.

I read a few days ago a writer for our local paper, wrote about these anonymous bloggers posting their hate posts. She called then cowards. I couldn’t agree more! I’ll have to email her for her very good column.

Last week, if you’ll refer back to my previous videos, I came out of my bunker wishing to remain anonymously. I wish to remain anonymous. My handle is now “MY THE MOBSTER”

My real name is Myron Holter

Take that all you cowards!


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