Sunday, December 27, 2009

Being Neighborly


We live on the side of a hill here in Topeka KS. If you were to do a google search, merely plug in our address and zero in the area I’m speaking.

Well, after taking Mark home and working out at the Y downtown, I was barely able to get my 95” Toyota into our driveway.

I see in front of me a vehicle trying to get home. It’s my neighbor on Skyline. So we try to get the vehicle going uphill. Didn’t work.

My neighbors’ vehicle is currently parked in our driveway. Being neighborly is what Jesus would expect from each of us.

My annual fowl feeding at 6th & GAGE will have to wait.

Sally was able to film our grandchild’s Christmas 2009. I am currently not ready to view the digital.

Our family therapy continues. I am not optimistic.

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