Thursday, February 25, 2010

T.E.A. Party

2/25/2010 5:25:59 AM

Yes indeed, today is a BIG day in America.

The Democrats and Republicans are going at it today.

I’m disappointed. I have not been invited.

Did you know?

I’m running for e-prez! I’m running as a T.E.A. party candidate. We’re broke. Send cash or good checks. Remain anonymous with your donation.

Ask either Sally or I about RELIV

Details on the Internet.


  1. Good Morning Myron!

    I, for one, would not want you to miss this bi-partisan event. So, I'm forwarding the link I received from Mitch Stewart, Director, Organizing for America. It starts at 10:00 AM EST, so hopefully you'll get this link in time to join the event.

    Over and out for now . . .

  2. Good Afternoon Myron!

    Wow, after viewing all six hours of that bipartisan health care round table discussion, I can certainly see why one wouldn't want to take an "I don't know" position on the issues involved in solving the national health care problems.

    I guess it would go back to the definition of "politics" or "political" - " the total complex of relations between people living in society."

    It would appear that that "total complex" is, indeed, going to be "complex." And, to take the "I don't know" approach to that complexity is not going to get you very far with voters who have any intelligence at all (true and sadly, fewer and fewer of the American people measure up to that high standard)!

    Over and out for now . . .