Monday, May 31, 2010

Metro Lutheran questions

Metro Lutheran question:

When you attended LBI did you have plans for more study? If so, did
> you complete it? If so, where, and in what vocational direction did it
> lead you?

My answer:

After my one-year bible school at LBI, I had no clue what to do. All I knew was that I was with Jesus. I ventured out to the St. Joe National with the forest service. We had a dorm room at the ranger station near Clarkia Idaho.

The following year I attended my 2nd year at SDSU in Brookings SD. I was still undecided about my future. The Vietnam War was heating up and I wanted to serve my country.

Metro Lutheran question:
My research suggests to me that LBI was popular among Scandinavian
> Lutherans in the U.S., but perhaps not so much among German Lutherans
> (I came out of the old German ALC; we had no history with LBI). Why do
> you suppose that was?

My answer:

My “NorVegun” ancestry is full of faith based Lutherans, at least on my mother’s lineage. The Norwegian Lutheran Hauge synod was pioneered by my great grandfather, Olai Olson Bergh. I have much genealogical information posted on the web.

Visit us on the web:

Perhaps there were some prejudices from the WWII against the Germans? Just speculating.

Metro Lutheran question:
Clearly LBI has experienced a decline from its apex. When was the
> high point? And, as far as you can tell, what contributed to the
> waning of the movement?

My answer:
I would like to think that perhaps the decline was lack of spirituality? I left the LBI after one year and was taking passive interest at the time.

Metro Lutheran question:
What do you hope (expect) will happen at your reunion in July?

My answer:
I will help by looking for past articles, rosters, etc. from my home here in Topeka KS. If/when I find any info that might be of help, I’ll make a web page.

Sally & I will be on a Lutheran retreat in Sky Ranch CO over the reunion weekend. .. Sorry.

Metro Lutheran question:
What else would you like readers of Metro Lutheran to know about the
> Lutheran Bible Institute phenomenon and its legacy?

My answer:
Did you know that my soon to be 97-year-old mother, Cecelia Mildred (Bergh) Holter, also attended one year at LBI? I believe the year was perhaps in the early 1930’s. Mom is currently a resident at Greenleaf assisted living in Brookings, SD. Send someone over to her for an interview.

I think we were the last dorm residents at Portland? Ave. My roommates then were Hugh Brower? and Tom Sime. Tom and I used to watch domestic fights from the window of our dorm. We would eat popcorn and be entertained by police visits.

I was popular as I was one of few students who owned a car. We used to drive to school from Portland Ave. to Olson Highway (weather permitting).

I was many fond memories of my school year.

Please tell me a little about your vocational path -- what you did in
> your adult years, what you're doing now, and how your LBI experience
> shaped that.. (If you think I've already asked this, simply disregard
> this question.)

After LBI:

Summer 1965 – Forest Service – Clarkia ID
School Year 1965-66 SDSU Brookings SD
Farm Laborer May-Aug 1966? Bruce SD (my hometown)
Military 1966-1970 USAF – Offutt AFB Omaha NE (active duty)
Married Sally Corry Oct 4, 1969
Two sons: John & Mark
Federal employment: USPS (34 years) with Military
Military: Honorable discharge 23 years with National Guard

Currently I’m retired.

In Christ,

Myron Holter
5112 SW 33rd ST
Topeka KS 66614 (web)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Wally-Vivian-Myron Holter

Here is a photo of my 1st cousin Wally and his lovely mother Vivian. The picture was taken by Wally's spouse Carla.

Sally & I had the pleasure of visiting them while we were visiting the kinfolks

Thanks for sharing coz ...