Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

This is a short video


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas childhood

Merry Christmas .. This video is about my childhood memories about Christmas .. circa (1940-60)

These were some of my fondest memories about Jesus's birth.

No mention of Santa either .. Santa who?

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sleeping Sheeple text from Ms. Kitty


Well it's hard to be funny with you and Larry because you guys are so programmed and hard headed.

You don't engage in conversations with me and when you do you misquote what I have said or written about.

Like I say, I love what I do and am inspired to write what I write. I think I should have been a private detective or was in one of my passed lives because I love tracking clues and finding the answers to mysteries. I also wonder at time if I may not have been one of Jesus (Yashua’s) followers in one of my past lives. I am logical and quite smart. I am also an intuitive which gives me an edge today. I am an Rh Negative as Jesus (Yashua) apparently was I have a very high I.Q. and have always found Christian dogma a sour pill to swallow. It never rang true to me. It never made sense to me that Christian’s would promote the activities of such an evil god aka gods while the GOD Jesus (Yashua) referred to was clearly so much bigger and so different. I could never figure out why Christians would promote these Jewish gods (aliens) when Jesus (Yashua) spoke against them. It was clear to me that Jesus (Yashua) promoted a much different Heavenly Father and never called him Yahweh as a matter of fact he referred to these evil entities as Satanic, Scorpions, and Snakes etc. Yet the Billy Graham’s of the world keep on promoting the Jewish gods as the ONE AND ONLY.

I grew up worshipping Jesus (Yashua) and still do but am vehemently against the Christian religion that was designed to dumb down their programmed followers as they keep them from using logic and common sense. First it was forbidden to read the Holy Roman Canon and now people are supposed to take what they read as gospel, when we have incredible amount of evidence today to dispute the history and dogma the Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian Church promotes.

It is hard for me to tolerate people who don’t think for themselves and use common sense. These idiotic Christians forget that the main reason Marten Luther threw a monkey wrench into the game is because he knew the Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian Church was based on SATANISM. It was his main thrust in life to expose this and start to change religion. He didn’t get very far but at least he tried.

Remember even the Jews don’t accept the Old Testament as a representation of their beliefs. It’s the blind Christians that keep on keeping on promoting it as the inspired word of god. It turns my stomach and makes me soooooo angry.

I did a lot of research to find out what entity actually inspired the first 5 chapters of the O.T. and the alien entity that was mentioned in Jewish documents was the ANGEL TAWISH. THAT IS WHO INPIRED THE PENTATUCH THEY NEVER WORSHPPED THE GOD JESUS (YASHUA) CAME TO TOWN TO PRMOTE, he was an alien (angel messenger).


Sometimes I feel like I am fighting all by myself as I come up against the New Age and Alien Agenda folks today who clearly identify the gods of the Jews AND HEBREWS as aliens. It doesn’t bother me that they describe them as aliens because they were, what bothers me is that they are also “Copy Pasting” Jesus (Yashua) into their “End Time Delusion” claiming that he was just another alien promoting love and soul evolution.

The trick the New Age and Allen Agenda folks have going for them is what they preach mirrors what is, was and what Jesus (Yashua) taught. They took original knowledge and doctored it just enough by putting a satanic pagan spin on it and then took it to market and started selling it as the New Age Gospel. (It’s really nothing more that dressed up Satanism and paganism of old). The Christian Church does the same thing, they take what Jesus (Yashua) taught and then blend in all sorts of satanic pagan Jewish beliefs and dogma, into it so it becomes a FRUIT CAKE OF DIFFERENT IDEOLOGIES AND BELIEFS.

I try to stick with what Jesus (Yashua) taught only. This is a concept Christians cannot wrap their brains around. This is why the Christian Church is so dangerous. This is also why the New Age and Alien Agenda folks are winning the wars and the church is going down the tubes. They are all promoting the DOCTRINES OF DEVILS AND DEMONS instead of what Jesus (Yashua) appears to have taught and the New Age is much more appealing because what they sell today makes is more accurate s far as past and current history and what they promote resonates with people today for many reason not to mention that it makes more sense.

If Christians are going to make any headway today they have to clean house. They have to sweep out all the old cobwebs, drag the satanic pagan doctrines out from under the bed and expose the evil in the closets, or do what Jesus (Yashua) said and COME OUT OF HER (SCARLET WOMAN).

So if you want funny Myron picture Jesus (Yashua) with a boom going into one Christian house and church after another cleaning house. Picture dust flying around, pagan satanic clutter all over the place. Next picture him opening up the Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian closets to a trail of ghosts, evil demons and dark entities scrambling out of these closets with their arms waving all over the place screaming IT’S A RAID.

If the church wants to make a dent in what is going on today they have to CLEAN HOUSE.

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Thanks again for your humorous emails.

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Thanks again for your humorous emails.

over and out for now

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Sleeping Sheeple .. datsme:)

YUP.. I've been accused of being a Sleeping Sheeple from my Bible School friend, Kitty.

Here's a short video with my sarcastic reply.


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sleeping Sheeple

I confess .. I'm a Christian Conservative Blogger. Here's an email from a "friend?".

over and out for now

ENJOY the video

Monday, December 5, 2011

Honor your parents

This is a personal video to my family.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Julia Ann Schlobohm

My Best Friend:

I would always tell Julie she looks nice. Here is a video in her memory.

Rest in peace

See you in heaven with a diabetic free body.

Love you