Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Holy Week


4/8/2009 6:14:40 AM

This is a very special week for us!

Do I dare say that I’m a CHRISTIAN?

How about being a follower of Jesus? Would that offend anybody?

Frankly folks, I could care less anymore!

Call me a Christian if you’d like and then throw me to the lions.

Tonight is choir practice
Tomorrow is Maundy Thursday
Friday is Good Friday (I’m puzzled by the word “good”)
Saturday our choir sings for the Saturday worshipers.. (I think)
Sunday is EASTER

That’s our church schedule folks

John & Kim are non-churchgoers. That disturbs Sal & I. I pray for my prodigal son and his lovely wife daily. Someday I might be able to cross of my bucket list. No Lying in this sentence. Forgiveness is one of the fruits of the spirit you know.

A softening of Kim’s heart will need to take place before I’m allowed to cross of #2 on my bucket list.

GOD BLESS you all reading this

Be sure to attend the church of your own choosing.

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