Thursday, April 9, 2009


4/9/2009 5:05:36 AM


Yesterday I had lunch at Hooters. No big deal. On Wednesday they advertise their special called Hot Wings. I love those specials.

So I proceed to sit by myself and lo and behold I run into a fellow Y member. I go over to him and tell him to keep his sockets in his eyes.

Franks then asks me if I would like to join him and his friend Jim for lunch.

I agreed.

Well, the conversation was very interesting. You see, Frank is one of the most wealthy people in our great city of Topeka. He introduced me to another millionaire, Jim. Jim even has a street named after Jim, of which COX communication is located, 921 Henderson.

Any conversation with millionaires is much more interesting than a million nay Sayers. You want to learn from the wealthy folks.

Thanks for buying my lunch Mr. Sabatinni and we’ll see you at the Y

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