Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Journey 4/29/9

4/29/2009 7:23:03 AM

Here I am, another day another dollar to the government. Another turncoat in our government has taken place. Benedict Arnold has switched to the Democrats. Our country is indeed heading for socialism and I’m trying to do my part in letting it happen. Arlen Spector, the Senator from PA, originally from Bob Dole’s home state and our adopted home state of Kansas is a turncoat. Of course the Democrats are pleased. This Republican is NOT pleased. But then again, I’m not pleased with the Republicans either. I’m thinking of switching to the Independent party. My hero Bill O-Reilly of FOX is an Independent. I might just go that route politically.

To everything there is a purpose.

I’m writing this from Sally’s NEW computer. I’m able to save my writings to my flash drive. I’ve decided that the PC is NOT to be moved into her office until it’s ready. I spent most of the day yesterday trying to make some sort of semblance of her cluttered room. I guess her reward will be me moving her new PC in and hooking up the computer to the web. So that’s what I’ve been doing .. trying to make Sally’s office presentable for her clients. Our home is a disaster. There’s paper all over and stuff that needs to be pitched. Oh well .. my retirement days are never dull.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotta work on my frozen shoulder.


4/30/2009 6:43:36 AM

Here I am back using my laptop. The keyboard is fixed and I’m good to go. The only difference is I’m now using my flash drive as I used it to do my writing. Ain’t technology wonderful? J

Last night we celebrated Sergei’s confirmation party. at our church. I was able to pick up Carol H. and her kids to attend the celebration.

I got a call last night form someone in MN asking me about RELIV. I told her.

Guess I’ll now post this.

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