Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Journey continues

4/28/2009 8:48:18 AM

Here I am upstairs in the living room using Sally’s new PC. John brought her computer over last Saturday. I was in Overland Park KS at a financial seminar. This computer has all the bells and whistles on it. I plan to save my writings to a flash drive and then eventually copy/paste this to my blog through our web.

So Thanks to my #1 prodigal son for bringing his mother a new computer. My job is to load the appropriate programs on Sally’s new computer. I’m a geek as many of you reading this may or may not know.

OK .. I’m a writer, can’t help it. We have many computers in our home. WHY? Let me try to explain why. For one, computers were my specialty during my service to the post office. My job was a computer systems operator for the USPS/MDC here in Topeka KS.

My job back then was to get the work out for my fellow employees. Notice I use the word “employees” I was an employee as opposed an employer. Some of my supervisors did not like me for some reason. I was making more money than my immediate supervisor and that irritated them. So I was harassed. I wrote to every government agency I could think of, including the human resources in Washington DC.

Around July-August 2000 I received a call from a fellow federal employee in the human resource department wanting to settle my formal complaint. I asked what are the conditions? He stated that if you’ll agree NOT to get on any USPS computers we’ll let you finish out your career on sick leave. After counting to 10 on down I agreed. So I finished my last 7 months on sick leave. Management obviously did NOT want me anywhere on the USPS federal property. Bear in mind, my job was computer systems operator and I was NOT to do my job. I was told by many of my co-workers that I should have clocked in just for spite. I was also told that with my knowledge of computers I could have crippled the system. I chose NOT to go to jail. But I had a lot of employers asking me questions. I found out later that the same employers asking me questions got a big pay bonus. .. OH WELL.

So now we scroll to the present.

I will now save this and post it to when I get my laptop back from the Drs. Office.

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