Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Journey

4/23/2009 4:36:44 AM

Yesterday was a mess! I had to be a three places all over Topeka KS. It started out with a visit to my dentist at 10 AM Then I had to go to my frozen shoulder Dr. at 11:15 AM

Well, I got out of the Dental chair in good time and rush over to the Drs. Office across town. The secretary told me that his office is not here. So I run back across town again only ½ mile away from the Dentist office. I miss the Dr. but have a meeting with his assistant. I just want some more pain medicine for my frozen shoulder. I read the chart and there’s a picture of me. So I get some more prescribed narcotics.

In the meantime, in disgust, I want to reward myself with CiCi’s pizza, a big no-no for us type 2 diabetics. So I walk up to the place and have no money. I run home to get my money clip and eat this delicious feast. I meet some friends and share my card.

I then proceed to head to learn more about my disease, Diabetes. This is located at St. Francis hospital. The bulletin board computer generated print says in in one classroom and it’s not there. So I arrive late again.

Then later on, I make my usual trip downtown to the Y for my “therapy.”

I forget to bring my wallet. So I drive all over town without my wallet.. a BIG NO NO.

Finally I get home with no arrests. I use Sally’s credit card (actually ours) to get some gas.

My pain medicine is filled out and I guess I’ll pop a pill.

Here endeth my rant.


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