Monday, April 13, 2009

TODO LIST (April 13-17, 2009)

4/13/2009 4:24:44 AM


Here’s my todo list for this week. If I miss anything, it’s not done on purpose. This is a mere checklist with no particular order.

Visit Pat Fruits at the funeral home.
Work on my bucket list
Write daily (or whenever I feel like) and post to my blog
Clean kitchen
Make wife happy
Use my skills to Jesus’ glory
Physical therapy for my “unfrozen” ? left shoulder – PAIN – PAIN – PAIN
Email cousin Carol about aunt Ruth
Write/blog about aunt ruth
Fix lawn mower
Rake front lawn (need to have a good body)
Take Sally’s computer to the computer store
Pick up family room
Mail bucket list to John
Pay cell phone bill
File weekly unemployment on the web
Post the todo list to
Write to Madeline and post to my blog

I’m sure my todo list is incomplete, but I’ll post this anyway.

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