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Learning or knowledge is a powerful word. When one achieves knowledge, one needs the tools to do so. Then when these words are mixed together, one has the power to accomplish whatever goals in life.

How’s that for a loaded sentence.

Yesterday, Sally & I spent all day at home.

I used the tools to put over 12 + trash bags on our street for the city trash guys. I consider working outside my therapy. I probably saved our medical bill lots of $$$.

I feel humbled to be able to work. Thanks be to GOD.

Yesterday was Memorial Day. I only saw one person I knew, Sally, if she would honor me, being I’m a Veteran. She just laughed. She honors me all the time.

We could have attended a number of ceremonies, but chose to stay home.

Sally asked me last night what I used to do in my childhood over Memorial Day. I couldn’t recall.

My memories of Holiday events were nothing to celebrate in my childhood. We just didn’t make a big deal out of them.

For example, Santa Claus was a fictional character during Christmas.

My parents, or more specifically, my mother would go to Sinai, SD to place flowers on the BERGH graves.

My paternal grandparents are buried in St. Petri Cemetery, Bruce SD. I don’t recall any flowers placed on my grandparents grave during my childhood.

Ole J. Holter died in 1929
Regina (Lenning) Holter died in 1945

My parents tombstone is right next to Ole & Regina

Adolph G. Holter (1907-1977)
Cecelia M. (Bergh) Holter (1913- 20??)

Read our bucket list for details about my tombstone.

I’ll post an image



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