Friday, May 15, 2009

My Bucket List

5/15/2009 5:15:59 AM


My two brothers, Wes & Dale are doing OK!

Wes had his left hip replaced yesterday and Dale had more exploratory surgery on his body looking for more blood clots.

Thank you Jesus!

Yesterday Sally and I had a romantic afternoon. We dropped Mark off at his place, then got some Church’s chicken around 10th Street close to the hospital. We then drove over to Gage park and ate our meal on a picnic table.

On the way home we stopped at ACE hardware store for gardening seeds.

Spent most of the day in the backyard, trying to get organized.

Updated my bucket list too

Spent some more $$$ renewing our distributorship and investor’s business daily weekend only subscription.

Now if you’ll excuse me, my 2nd cup of coffee is awaiting my nuking.

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  1. I guess I'll need to review my bucket list for truncation .. mh