Friday, May 8, 2009

My Journey is emotionally draining my Lord

5/8/2009 6:03:16 AM

Dear Journal:

I guess I need to write another blog to you my Lord.

Yesterday my day was going just fine until right before bedtime. I get a phone call from Kim, another hate filled call ordering me to do this and do that with my blog.

Dear Jesus, I need your help my Lord.

What’s a grown man to do?

The hardest thing to do in life is sometimes repair relationships. Dear GOD, please help me patch up my relationship with my #1 son! I love my son dearly. I just want my son back in my life. I’m writing this with s sadness of heart my Lord.

I just made a video about 4-5 hours ago. I promised myself NOT to write words like “evil” but that’s how I feel right now towards a certain family member.

I am asking to take this anger away from me my Lord. I am VERY ANGRY. My prayer is to be able to scratch off my hand written bucket list.

That’s my ongoing prayer my Lord. You promised us that you’ll answer our prayers my Lord.

Speaking of prayers yesterday was a National Day of prayer. Our current BO President chose NOT to observe this occasion. Perhaps he has read the bible where it states that we are to pray in silence behind closed doors. I’d like to think that that is the case.

Anyone reading this blog is invited to find any photos or videos of my grand daughter. Other than text, I believe I have removed all images. That is my disclaimer.

I heard the other day that Michael Jackson was having a sale on burgas for children. I don’t even know how to spell the word and my spell checker doesn't know either. You know, the face shield famous people put over their children. I’ll bet Michael could give John & Kim a great bargain for Madeline. Better yet, when our military freed the Iraq people from tyranny, I actually saw the women’s faces on TV .. GASP !!

I’ll bet John & Kim could get some of that apparel for Madeline. I certainly don’t want some person taking public pictures of Madeline enjoying herself on her playthings. Heaven forbit! WAIT, John gave Sally a computer with lots of photos. Am I allowed to see pictures of my grand child? Maybe I should remove the wallet photo of Madeline? Get the message?

I love you my child, someday your parents will grow up and let me get a hug.

In the meantime, your grand father prays for you daily.

I miss you John. I love you John, I want you back too, OK?

Love to one and all reading this,
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