Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Journey

5/28/2009 5:55:53 AM


While the coffee is brewing, I’ll open my journal.
Today is Thursday, the day for father son luncheon. Mark and I have been doing this weekly lunch for some months now.

John knows that he’s invited, but for some reason my #1 son wants nothing to do with me anymore. OH WELL.

My handwritten bucket list is still the same .. no changes. Here’s the address.

I have on my email address book a bunch of unknowns. I’m trying to get a reply and am getting a lot of hate emails. Imagine that!

The Internet & email is a powerful tool of communication. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of BAD folks out there on the web.

I smell coffee !! J

PS: This soldier is my hero. I have no knowledge of who he is. The military are patriots.

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