Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Thoughts

5/17/2009 4:35:52 AM

Dear Journal:

Yesterday Sally lost her camera. She was with John & Madeline and left her camera somewhere out of sight. When she got back, the camera was gone.
She called me from the Y and was upset. I told her NOT to be concerned about material things. So here is what I suggested to her.

1) Call John to tell Kim that I am NOT responsible for any images downloaded on the web. The reason I wanted to give the message to KIM is a disclaimer. I STILL am NOT welcome to get a HUG from my three year old grandchild. I see Madeline only through the lens of some media device. Sally had MANY images of Madeline. If some pervert gets this camera, I’m NOT responsible. Now if My children would just grow up! Madeline is more mature than John and Kim.

2) Call the police and file a police report.

3) Call our home insurance.

4) Call the putt-putt golf course to see if anyone might have left the camera.

5) Hope that the thief would have the guilt to at least return the chip. He/she can keep the camera.

Sally did all these fore to mentioned to do’s.

I proceeded to do my daily workout at the downtown YMCA. Afterwards, I dropped into Wolfe’s camera to get a receipt, dated July 2008. while there I purchased her another camera.

When leaving the store I witnessed a crime scene in progress. The police were cautiously approaching an abandoned vehicle around 7th & Topeka Ave.

Yesterday was just another day in my life.

I wrote a letter to Frank S. and Kevin M. regarding a domain name. They need to have email. OH WELL, the Post Office needs to keep sending me a retirement check.

I wanted to get back for backyard therapy, and failed to do so.

But alas, today is the first day of the rest of my life.

I saw that on a sign somewhere.

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