Monday, May 18, 2009

TODO List (May 18-23, 2009)

5/18/2009 5:16:33 AM


Yes indeed, it’s Monday! But it’s no big deal for us retirees. The only issues I’ll need to do this week is the normal things everyone does .. get up, make love to wife, write, drink coffee, make wife happy, write some more, blog, get online, return necessary phone calls, drink more coffee, prick my finger, give the finger when our BO prez is on tv, blog, do necessary excercises, make a military web page, call the VA about my disability, blog, read emails, delete emails, update bucket list, blog, screen any phone messages, make wife happy, get more backyard therapy, blog, pray, think, blog, write some more, get a life, stay away from naysayers, blog, keep a positive attitude, pray, watch FOX TV while blogging,

OK .. I’ve rambled on long enough.

Here’s my TODO list for this week.

1) Call VA
3) pay bills
4) call rebound
5) do a fasting blood test for my dizziness
6) continue with backyard
7) pray-pray-pray
8) research the market for good trades
9) clean house

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