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Weakly Blog 5/9/9 (text)

5/9/2009 5:05:56 AM


Good Morning everyone: here with MY weekly weAkly video blog.

Today I talked a little bit about my #1 son John. I love you son.

I loved you when I was fourteen years old, 1959. I told my oldest brother Wesley that he was NOT to name any MALE children John. Wes & Janet got married in 1959.

I told brother Ronny that he was NOT to name any of his children John. He and Anitra currently have FIVE sons, Kevin,Kent,Brian,Bryce & Darin. I guess Ronny & Anitra got the message.

BTW .. Wes & Janet had all daughters .. Janine,Christie & Kara.

I told brother Dale NOT to name any of his MALE children John. Dale & Joanne had Lance, Jolene & Kylin.

I told my sister that I would like my first born to be named John. She married a REPPE. Delpha & Leland had Twila, Larry & John. Apparantly Delpha likes the name also.

I told my baby sis Julie that I wanted my first born named John. She liked the name so well that she married a John. John & Julie (Holter) Anderson have two children, Damon & Laura.

So John, I had your name reserved way before you were even conceived.
5/9/2009 6:14:04 AM

OK .. I processed the video and it’s on another blog post.

Let’s scroll the time frame from 1959-50 to 1970, the year of your birth my son.

You were born in Omaha NE @ Nebraska Methodist Hospital, (I think). Your mother would know more about that.

We were living in almost poverty. I was just honorably discharged from the USAF some five months earlier. I was working at Northern Natural Gas as a computer operator .. (what else?).

You were loved dearly. Your mother and I were kids and immature back then. But we were in love, broke, and didn’t know any better. Nobody told us that we were broke. My rent was $80/month and at times we could NOT even afford to pay the rent.

Your first home was at 2821 Margo ST Omaha NE. This was close to the stockyard at the time. When the wind was blowing in the wrong direction, we would smell that wonderful smell of livestock.

We brought you home a few days later. Your room was our little living room. We had no money, remember? I don’t remember if you had a crib or not. You probably had one, but I don’t recall.

I remember our little bedroom was so small that we had to get in and out of bed via the end.

Sally wakened me the morning of 12/29/1970 around 5:30 AM. I looked down by her groin area and there was a bunch of moisture. Sally said to me “I think my water just broke.” .. Or something like that.

5/9/2009 7:04:11 AM

Where was I?

I was writing about The morning of John’s birth in reading my writings. So we head for the hospital on the morning of 12/29/1970. We had just purchased a NEW 1969 Toyota 4 door small car. Imagine that, being broke and making car payments. What would Dave Ramsey say? J

So Sally goes into a L-O-N-G labor. I remember staying with her and getting bored. So I make a trip to her brother Cork’s. Sally’s mother was there and shooed me back to the hospital to hold her hand. I remember that the Nebraska Cornhuskers were playing LSU in the orange bowl. I watched some of the game in the the waiting room.

Sally was finally wheeled into the labor room. Dr. Olson was the attending physician. I remember looking in the window as fathers were NOT allowed into the labor room. Lamaze was not a class in 1970. So John was born around late afternoon if my memory is correct. I didn’t feel a thing. Sally was 14 hours in labor in giving birth to our first-born. What a DAY !!

We brought John home a few days later at our cracker box home on Margo St. Fritz, our German Shepard dog at the time welcomed John home also.

We were so poor then that we couldn’t even pay attention. SICK joke.

I guess I’ll copy paste this now and post it to

I’ll write more later.

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