Saturday, May 16, 2009

WeAkly Weekly Video Backyard

5/16/2009 6:17:35 AM

My journey continues, this time without my good eye glasses. I’m currently writing this through my old pair. I’m writing and the keyboard and screen is fuzzy. What a combination I have this morning … dizziness & fuzzyness.


It’s Saturday!

Every day is the same when you’re retired. Except on Saturday, I make my weAkly weekly video. This week I’m moving my camera outside. My press conference to my self will be without a teleprompter.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to do my morning things .. exercise, drink coffee, take meds, bathroom .. etc.etc.etc.

I’ll be back

5/16/2009 6:30:49 AM


I can see again! The eyeglasses were within reach of me as I was typing.

Where was I?

OH YA ,, my weakly video.

I’ll need to think a little bit about what I’m doing to say BEFORE I decide on this upcoming video.

5/16/2009 7:36:14 AM

OK .. I just finished my video from our backyard. The video is the usual time, about a minute , two or three. Brevity is the soul of wit you know .. Shakespeare.

I forgot to mention my tea party sign to my right. I’m using an old 2008 calendar.

I’ll check the down loading process now and post some more writing later.

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