Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dear God

6/28/2009 6:38:13 AM


Thank you for sending Jesus on the cross for me.

Today I plan to walk to my other church, faith community. They meet at the Y.

I collect CD’s from the service.

Dear God ..

I pray for our country daily. I pray that our current BO administration will come to the realization that they’re heading in the wrong direction.

I am looking for some other political party to join. The Republicans have disappointed me. Perhaps the Constitution Party is more to my liking. I need to do some more homework on that.

Is there a common sense party out there I can join?

How about starting a tea party?

I’ve been doing some domain searches on the web and there’s all kinds of opportunities out there.

I’m very content with our domain name though. Why buy any more?

I’m getting old my Lord.

Yesterday I proceed to turn on the stove burner and turned on the wrong one. The kitchen was engulfed in smoke as a pan with grease in it reacted to the heat.

My prayer Lord is to help me with my bucket list. is the web address

Love you Jesus

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