Wednesday, June 3, 2009



Sally and I are getting ready for vacation.

I will write in my journal through this address.

6/3/2009 7:43:59 AM

Vacation planning can be stressful. Here I am writing, wondering about all the things that need to be done BEFORE we leave our home.

But I like our vacation plans. We’re heading for Omaha NE to see Sally’s brother tomorrow. Then it’s off to Bruce SD to see my mother.

Then it’s where ever Sally’s VAN takes us.

So I guess I’ll close down this laptop and only write to this file.

Until till then .. it’s just signing off ..

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    "Love the picture," says Danielle Smith.

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    "At that point, at least the both of them looked happy," says Danielle's husband, Jeff, referring to their two children, Cooper and Delaney.

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    Danielle had also put the picture on her blog - a site she says she started to help other mom learn to appreciate how important being a mom is.

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    Her "happy family" according to a Google image search where the photo pops up -- which may be how the photo found its way into the add, or stock photo web site, which would at least infringe on the copyright of photographer Gina Kelly of O'Fallon, Missouri.

    But the Smith's say they have bigger concerns than what rights may be violated.

    "The act itself isn't scary," says Danielle, "the potential is for me."

    "You're not exactly sure who's watching you don't know who's reading," says Jeff.

    And depending on where your picture ends up, you might not know what your're reading.

    The owner of the Czech store tells the Associated Press he will take down the billboard.

    Danielle says from now on, she'll only post photos in a low resolution and electronically water mark them to try and prevent something like this from happening again.

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