Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Day After

7/8/2009 6:35:20 AM

Yesterday was Sally’s 62nd birthday. We (Sally, Mark & myself) went to Timberline for a BD celebration.

Yesterday was also Michael Jackson’s memorial service. Yes, I watched it on TV, along with one billion other viewers. I was mostly touched my MJ’s daughter Paris calling him “DADDY” and Brooke Shield’s testimonial.

I was able to film a surprise birthday greeting for Sally at the YMCA. I’ll make a video blog in the future

Our singing voices have been in the public as of late.

Saturday we sang in the community choir.
Sunday we sang in a quartet.
This coming Sunday Sally & I will be doing a duet.


Absent from Sally’s birthday greetings was our # 1 son

I guess he forgot.


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