Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Bruce SD Journey

7/23/2009 9:42:04 PM


Here we are in Bruce SD.

Mark and I left around 10:00 AM from Topeka KS and arrived in Bruce around 6:30 PM

We booked it! Or should I say I booked it, Mark does not drive.

We drove right up to Delph & Leland’s and from there we went up to the ridge to eat supper.

I showed Mark what I’d like to have him do with the granary writings. We’ll see if he gets his artistry done in time to make a float.

I seriously doubt it.

But Mark enjoys art and I’m always ready for him to share his skills with anyone. He brought his designs with him and I brought my website.

So, between the two of us, we’re a team.

I’m tired and I’m going to brush my teeth and go to bed.

Tomorrow is a big day.

No Internet from this computer, so I’ll need to upload my writings when I get home.


7/24/2009 5:03:35 AM

Well, here it is my usual time in getting up.

While the coffee is brewing, I’ll write a little bit of our days journey.

We met up with Pastor Wayne at the ridge. He was counseling a young couple in their upcoming marriage I presume.

Delpha,Leland, Roger & Kay met us up there. We had a lot of laughs.

Boy, The Ridge sure has lots of business. The recession doesn’t seems to affect Bruce SD it seems.

These small towns are very resilient. The small business operators in these communities are dependent on each other, and they seems to pull together.

If only our country would be so charitable.

My goal today is to get my artist son, Mark A. Holter, some paint and some place to start his artistry. I’m thinking of moving the granary wall writings to the north end of now John & Julie’s 2nd home.

Mark has talent. He could be our next Rembrandt, or could it be our next Picasso? He likes to doodle. If I, his father, Myron D. Holter, could help him achieve his art to perhaps join an art guild in Topeka or something, I’d help out financially.

We’ll see.

Ronny & Anitra paid us a visit last night around 8 pm ‘ish. We might take a drive to Ashby MN together to visit brother Wes and his lovely wife Janet.

We’ll see what happens with that.

Anitra wanted to show me a picture of their newest great grandchild Hunter James. The child was born 7/20/2009

I am now a great-great uncle.


Here is the lineage of my five-generation family:

Cecelia M. (Bergh) Holter 11/01/1913 - mother
Ronald Eugene Holter 11/18/1938 - brother
Kevin Holter 01/1962 or 3 - nephew
Jeremy Holter __/____ - great-nephew
Hunter James Holter 07/20/2009 - great-great nephew

My sister Adelpha, should have on her computer a program called Brother’s Keeper. I loaded the program on her computer years ago. I told her that you’re to keep it current. I’ll be the web site family genealogist for years and years ago.

Our uncle Jay would be proud.

7/24/2009 5:35:25 AM


On the west side of the house are two trees. I’m going to try to move the granary writings next to the trees and have Mark do his artistry right from the corner of Walters and Washington St., which is the street address here in Bruce SD.

My brain is really ticking now!

Maybe I should slow down a little bit.

How about a 2nd cup of coffee and some reading.


There’s lots more planning!

After Mark wakens, we’ll clean up, eat up and head to Brookings to see MOM and purchase some art tools, like brushes, paint and whatever he needs to do his work.

Who knows?

Maybe Mark should have a booth somewhere?

Bruce SD is ready to do their annual Honey Days – 126th – year of existence. Last year was the biggie with a talent show and all.

This year the Honey Day celebration will be a lot less I’ve been told.

7/24/2009 5:52:31 AM


I just got off the phone with cousin Davey. He’s going to load the writings on his truck and we’re going to set up shop right here where we’re located.

I’ll merely write his progress and post them on the web.

The next step would be to set up a booth somewhere on Main Street.

Perhaps next year would be appropriate.

I’m thinking Mark could start his own business.

We could call it Mark’s artistic design – MAD - J

I’d be willing to help #2 son out in any way.

Mark has no money, so ole’ DAD will need to help him with his business.

Hopefully this business endeavor will not cost me an arm and a leg.

We’ll find out in due time, I’m sure.

Now if we just keep the Obama administration away, we’ll be OK.

7/24/2009 6:02:31 AM

So much to write about, so little time.

Cousin Davey will bring the granary wall to us and then hopefully we’ll be heading to Brookings SD to purchase the tools to do MAD’s work.

I like the NEW business name – MAD – (Mark’s Artistic Designs) J

7/24/2009 6:42:50 AM

I just got back from a walk.

For those of you not in the know, I walked to the Adee corner up the hill and back.

Guess I’ll need to take a nap.



7/24/2009 9:06:08 AM


Here we are .. some time later.

Cousin Davey brought over the two granary writings. We sat around the kitchen table discussing life.

Roger & Kay came over and we had lots of laughs.

Delpha came over too and we discussed lots of things.

Our family is wonderful!

I learned that a young boy is now in jail from doing child porn. His name is Matt Benz, the son of Mary & Dub Benz. So sad. We all need to be responsible for our actions in life. I don’t know how it all came to be, but I heard that he had child porn on his computer. I guess Matt is now at the SD state pen in Sioux Falls SD.


Unless you want to spend time in the slammer.
7/24/2009 1:22:43 PM


We just got back from our little trip to the big city of Brookings SD.

We had lunch with MOM at Greenleaf and then proceeded to shop for BIG “M”’s M.A.D (Mark’s artistic Designs) new business.

I say new business because I’m going to be the C.E.O (Chief Embezzlement Officer).

We stopped at a creative store and I paid over $30.00 in paint brushes, paint, etc. to do his artistry.

It’s a whole lot $$ to spend on a new business than opening up a McDonalds.

In fact if you wanted to start a RELIV business, I spent about the same amount of money.

Guess I’ll take a nap.


7/24/2009 3:33:22 PM


In preparation for a parade, there’s lots of preparation needed.

Mark is in the garage saving our granary writings. I just videotaped the wall and will write more about it AFTER I get home and be within our Internet bubble.

Better get back at it.


7/24/2009 5:01:50 PM

The journey continues.

I’ve been stuffing our RELIV literature and our website in Ziploc bags. Hopefully I can get ONE of my handwritten bucket list items crossed off.

It’s fun being creative!

Our son BIG “M” is having fun too.

Earlier today I stopped into Danny’s Lounge to say HI to my cousin Harold.

Harold Skovlund is an alcoholic He really looks rough! But my goal was to merely visit with him and he was laughing before I left some minutes later.

Mark was waiting in the car, so I didn’t want to stay too long.

Of course having an alcoholic attending a bar is like having the fox guard the chicken house.

Harold is the youngest son of Oscar & Mable Skovlund.

Mable is my father’s oldest sister.

They had SIXTEEN children!

Fourteen lived to adulthood.

There are only FIVE siblings left:


Harold and I attended grade school and high school together. We played sports together and Harold was a GREAT athletic in those days. It saddens me to see what alcohol can do to a person. I was NOT about to preach to my 1st cousin. I just wanted to reminisce a little.

I left him my card, but I’m sure the only way I’ll ever see him is to visit him in his space.

7/24/2009 6:00:04 PM


Things are a hoppin’

I’m busy doing my thing stuffing tootsie rolls and our web literature into a Ziploc bags.

Stopped to take a break and get some OJ and bananas at the local grocery store.

Delpha was there and she gave me a ride home, one block away.

It seems like I’m writing an hour-by-hour journey in my life.

Better get back at it.

7/24/2009 9:40:35 PM


OK.. I’ve been sleeping. Mark just awakened me. Brian Reppe came over to ask me if I’m ready for tomorrow. I said yes, I’m just a little bit dizzy for some reason.

I had a dizzy spell a while back and visited the Dr. about it. He basically gave me some more medicines to take.

So I don’t know why I get dizzy. Perhaps there’s not blood going to the head. Why is that? DUNNO Sally gets worried about me. Sometimes I get worried myself. Why? I’m getting tired at being dizzy.

I just woke up. I want to go back to bed.

Guess I’ll try to stay awake for a while


7/24/2009 9:46:54 PM

7/25/2009 5:33:02 AM


I am officially declaring my candidacy for president in

- 1992 (uffda, didn’t win)
- 1996 Not even close, didn’t win
- 2000 Try next time, never quit
- 2004 OH WELL

Omar Doop would be proud.

The baptism of my official campaign will commence four miles north, one mile east of Bruce SD off the Sioux River.

I promise NOT to undress and wander off like I did in 1949-50

The media is invited – even the liberals.


7/25/2009 5:39:40 AM

I plan to give the fore mentioned handwritten note to the speaker of the Honey Days parade that will be taking place in about four hours or less.

Give a can of RELIV to Sharon if I see her.

Continue stuffing envelopes for my “campaign”


When you get home, call your Dr. and see if you can get some explanation WHY you’re so dizzy.

7/25/2009 5:46:40 AM

7/26/2009 5:51:50 AM


Yesterday I rode in the HOLTER float.

Brother Ronny was the tractor driver.

He drove DAD’s ole’ “H” Farmall.

I believe we had Mark video tape it afterwards. As of yet I have NOT seen the video.

Mark was also able to take some photos of the parade I believe.

I’ll review all these computer functions when we get back home.

All in all it was a FUN parade.

The usual activities were there again.

I passed out my website to anyone who would take it.

Corrine Fenske (another cousin) was able to bring MOM to the festivities. Mark & I brought her back to Greenleaf.

We spent a lot of time at Julie’s. I’m suffering from arthritis and also dizzy.

UFF-DA !!!!!!!

Tomorrow the three of us are planning to drive up to visit our oldest brother & his lovely wife.

Mark has never been to Wesley’s since their new home has been built.

Today we’re to sing in the community choir a the museum.

I think I’ll ask the museum committee about eventually storing the granary writings in that area.

It’s too bad about the old Bruce High School. It should either be torched or someone with a lot of money should refurbish it. Any takers?

So I guess I’d better get busy doing something.

WAIT .. There’s nothing to do! .. except read, listen to the radio and write.!

I guess that’s not a bad thing.

Post this to my blog if/when we get back to Topeka KS.

OH another thing. I LOVE the old folks. Yesterday we sat around the table and reminisced. Mom’s neighbor was also a veteran in WW II. She told a little bit of her experiences. Listen to your elders.

I told a little bit of my military life. I love to listen more than talk.

One of the ladies had a craving for peanuts. I walked over to Hy-Vee and got her a jar. The only requirement I made is to share it with the folks. She is NOT to eat the peanuts alone.

There are lots of memories to share.

Life is GOOD.

7/26/2009 6:46:50 AM

I see that the clock is moving on.

I need to take a walk.

7/26/2009 7:23:24 AM

I’m back from my walk.

It’s getting to be a habit. I guess it’s a good habit. I walk up to the Adee corner and back. I usually have my coffee while walking and today is no exception.

Now I need to help Mark some more with the granary writings. I guess I’ll bring my radio out to the garage.

7/26/2009 7:26:05 AM

7/27/2009 4:48:11 AM

My how time just keep on flying by when you’re up here in Bruce SD.

Those of you reading this by know who I am and my roots, so to speak.

If anyone reading this would like to respond, feel free to do so.

Yesterday, BIG”M” and I did some more fun things together.

I have officially started Mark Holter in his new business.

Here’s what I’m going to make for his business card:

MAD (Mark’s Artistic Designs)
5112 ½ SW 33rd ST
Topeka KS 66614

785-220-4007 © (web)

Currently do not try to call up that address as I’ll need to be online to do so.

Mark’s cell is on our Sprint system.

All these are a tax deduction for 2009.

When I get back to Topeka, I’ll need to work on 2008.

I know – I know – April 15th is months ago.

But I’m getting money back from the IRS too.

MYRON’S WRITINGS (1957-59) ?


Peoples Initials:

M.M – (Marilyn Moose) Originally I thought that that was Marilyn Monroe, the sexpot. My hormones were about ready to be kicking in back then too.

But then I visited with Delpha and while we were reminiscing, the name Marilyn Moose came to mind.

I first met her at a bible camp in NESODAK, I think. I thought she was cute, if I remember. She probably paid attention to me too. I don’t recall the details. I do remember the name “Moose” and thought it rather unique.

I remember she lived in a small town somewhere south of us, and I was too young to drive. But I could drive a tractor. I was probably 13 or so. It’s Funny how you remember things like that. I remember daydreaming about her sitting on our front porch, wondering how I could see her again. I also wonder if she would even know who I am at the moment. I doubt it. We probably exchanged a postal letter or two. I doubt if these letters are even to be found too. Both Marilyn’s were on dream list.

J.A (John Anderson)

John Anderson is my brother-in-law.

John married my baby sis, Julie. I knew John even back in the late fifty’s. John’s brother Paul is my age. I don’t know why I placed John’s initials on my writings back then. The Anderson’s went to a different school from us. I might have a different “J.A.” in mind back then. I just don’t know. My mind is slowly going.


Oh Wait, I am perfect. I forget. J J.C told me I am. That’s Jesus Christ for those reading this.

M.H. (Myron Holter)

That’s me… enough said.

S.R. (Sharon Rust)

AHHH .. What can I write about my LOVE back then, Sharon Rust.

Sharon and I grew up together loving each other, but we were too bashful to admit it. She is the daughter of Otto & Shirley Rust and they lived off the Sioux River some three miles south of us as the crows flies.

As the River flows, the distance is some more.

I still LOVE Sharon. In fact, every year at Honey Days, I have my presidential driver stop where Sharon is located so I can give her a hug. I tell her yearly I love her. She informed me that we’ve got to quit meeting like this. (Once a year) J

I could have easily married Sharon if I weren’t so bashful about my feelings. I think she felt the same.

We attended church together, attended confirmation together and she was my classmate in high school. Sharon was also our cheerleader at sporting events.

I was immature and in love back then . What a combination.. NO?

Sharon married her high school sweetheart, Jim Steffin, and they’re currently living in Volga SD. I see them only when I get up here. We don’t communicate.

I’ll write more about my dream girl Sharon later, but first I need to get some more coffee and collect my writing thoughts.

7/27/2009 5:32:21 AM
7/27/2009 5:41:23 AM

I love to insert the date/time into this writing. It gives a timeframe and makes my journey that much more directional.

When we get back home to our home base, I plan to upload this to the web.

Here is the web address (URL):

I plan to set up BIG”M”’s web address to be the following: >

and from there Mark can blog to his heart’s content.

Mark is our Picasso son. I’ve agreed to be his Business Marketer (BM) and Mark agreed to be our caregiver someday.


R.dB (Rochelle deBoer)

Rochelle is another girl I liked. Unlike Sharon, who I loved, I just liked Rochelle. Rochelle’s father was Roger, our rural route mail carrier. Roger used to deliver our mail and I’ll always remember that family in that way.

I once dated Rochelle for a short span of time. My mother was concerned about that as she was a Catholic. Imagine that! We were just friends. Rochelle eventually married Paul Anderson some years later. I guess Paul & Rochelle are currently divorced.

Rochelle once had an event in Topeka KS and we had lunch together. Sally & I drove her around Topeka after an IHOP breakfast and I remember driving to the ritzy part of town pretending that we lived there. Rochelle didn’t fall for it.

We then shared our home with Rochelle and had lots of memories to share with each other.

I probably first wrote her initials on the wall because I was merely trying to initial the people I knew back then.

In counting the initials, I recorded 17 in toto.

Better get to writing.

MORE COFFEE: 7/27/2009 5:57:21 AM

7/27/2009 7:11:42 AM



M.M (Marion Moberg)

The initial is NOT the two Marilyn’s rather it’s my confirmation classmate Marion Moberg. It makes sense. I’m thinking that my wall writings were created in 1959.

My sister Delpha, probably wrote on her wall in 1957. so let’s assume that these writings were over a two year time frame, 1957-59.

The reason I say that is because I think we had three years of Lutheran confirmation back then. So I probably first met Marion around that time frame and hence I placed his initials “M.M” on the granary wall. That make more sense, but I still remember the two Marilyn’s back then. I also had dreams (wet?) about Bridgett Bardot back then. The testosterone hormones were just beginning to kick in back then.


When you’re living out in the country, what’s to dream about!

NO.. I was not into bestiality. I’ll write about that when I get to “D.O”

The 2nd pot of COFFEE is ready 7/27/2009 7:22:16 AM

7/27/2009 7:52:17 AM

I guess the time is slipping away.

We need to pack up and head for Estelline SD

This reminds me of a George Carlin story. L8r

Save this a write more at Brother Wesleys.

7/27/2009 7:53:46 AM

7/30/2009 4:13:53 AM


I’m back home now.

It was a fun trip and I guess I can now post this to my web.

It’s nice to be home again.

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