Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Health (replies)

MY HEALTH (replies)

8/27/2009 9:22:10 PM

The other day I sent out a global email about my health and most everybody were concerned.

I thank you for the positive replies.

I would like especially thank my 1st cousin Martha for her email reply.

I will now attempt to copy/paste her email to my MS word program so you can ALL enjoy her email.

Here it is:

Oh Myron,

I am so sorry and am praying for you. I wish you would try our supplements because they really have made the difference in our compromised immune system and well being. Just maybe they would help you too? If you try them for about 5 months, save all the empty containers and receipts, you can get all your money back -up to 6 months out, if you are not satisfied. I know you have your own company and I am sure that they have good products too. Maybe the addition of our products would make yours and ours work together better than either could work separately, and just, well, I would love to see you better. I had a nice time with your mother this last weekend when I took the Hutch Aunties to Bruce and the Iverson wedding. You are such a dear son to Aunt CeCe and I especially remember how you teased us Billman cousins and gave us your attention when you were back on the farm for a visit and our family had returned from the mission field. I thought you were the most fun big cousin with the heartiest laugh, just like your Dad. I never could quite figure out all your humor, but supposed it had to do with my lack of understanding. I still don't have you figured out, but maybe that is part of what makes you so interesting! Anyway, I think you know that I appreciate you and want the best for you.

Your "little" cousin,

My cousin Martha is also into food supplements.

Sally & I are RELIV distributors and wish to remain so, thank you.

But her email made my brain scroll back to my childhood.

I guess I’m more like my father Adolph than any of my other brothers. Unfortunately, I’ve also inherited my father’s genes. DAD used to get dizzy too. Adolph died at the tender age of 69 ½. I’m 64 ¾. That means I’ve got 5 years to hurry up and get my bucket list crossed out. You can read my handwritten bucket list by calling up this web page.

Martha said I was a big tease back then. I guess I was.

I’ll write more about my childhood days later when I feel like it.

Guess I’ll post this to our web.


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