Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Health


8/17/2009 7:47:51 AM

It hurts to even open my computer to write!

I’m NOT in any mood to write right now.


8/18/2009 4:40:55 AM


OK .. I’m in a better mood today.

Yesterday was a wash.

I went golfing Sunday afternoon with the church bunch. Around the 5th hole at Topeka Public, I started getting tired. Steve R. offered me a ride. I had to hold on to my pull cart with my right hand. I felt my tendon being stretched, but I continued playing.

So yesterday I was in pain. Sally gave me some outdated analgesic cream to apply. It worked a little bit. I put some of those “magical” pads on my right shoulder.


So, we need to let Mother Nature take its course with the human body. I couldn’t even write to my blog!

So I’m hoping today will be a better day.

Remember, you have a Drs. Appointment at 9:30 AM today.

Let’s get mydamobster@myownfaith2.com to work also.


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