Saturday, October 17, 2009


10/17/2009 6:15:43 AM


Good Morning everyone:

While my video is being uploaded, I thought I’d write a few words.



- Great minds
- Average minds
- Simple minds

I wrote this down after listening to FOX/TV. I don’t know who said it on the news, but I wrote it down. I believe Eleanor Roosevelt said it, I could be wrong.

Let me start with the simple minds:

Simple-minded people talk about people. These simpletons are pinheads who are anonymous in my blog replies. If you want to see SOME of these replies, just visit and search for my name.

Simple-minded people are the folks who LIE about my radio friend Rush Limbaugh. I’m a ditto head.

Simple-minded people who come to my mind are folks who join various LIBERAL websites. Some of the more popular websites are like these sites do nothing but talk about people. They smear, besmirch, degrade, and belittle people, primarily Christian Conservative Bloggers like me.

Some of these pinheads that come to mind are names like, George Soros, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid in our political world.


Average people talk about events. Most of us are average minded people. When we gather around each other, we mainly visit about our family and friends events in our lives. I’m no exception. I guess I’m just an average kind of guy.


My favorite thing to write about is great-minded people. My main great minded person would be my savior Jesus THE Christ. Jesus is helping me in all I do in life. I trust Jesus totally! So this average nerd is clinging to Jesus for help.

10/17/2009 7:36:12 AM
Later .. I just finished listening to the Bible. GREAT minds you know. I NEED to learn daily from the BIBLE. Learning from by hearing, and hearing comes from the word of GOD. I’m into day 20., 30 minutes/day.

Let me see how my video is doing and post to my blog.


I’ll write more later .. things to do.

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