Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Privacy in the Workforce

12/15/2009 5:40:06 AM

My daily retired schedule follows:

1) Get up
2) Do my duties (you know what I mean)
3) Get coffee
4) Prick my diabetic finger
5) Turn on my computer
6) Decide what I can blog about today.

So I get to #6 on my checklist and see on FOX and Friends a segment called


and it brought back memories of my career with the Postal Service.

From what I heard on TV, there’s a company or someone who is going to federal court over “texting” while on the job.

This news segment immediately brought back some unpleasant memories of my last days working for the Post Office.

I was a computer systems operator for the USPS here in Topeka KS. I worked as a union employee from Nov 1973-Mar 2001

My job was to run a computer.

On or about the last year, year ½ I was being harassed.

The management made my working life as miserable as possible. I used to be called in to the head office for the most frivol ice of things.

Once I got called into the head office because I didn’t pick up a supervisors interoffice mail. This supervisor was playing a game and called my supervisor to I missed his inbox.

These and other useless meetings finally got my ire. I started writing everything down.

This harassment finally got so bad that I finally had a visit with my personal physician.

To make a long story short, I was on sick leave for 45 days. I reported back to work after my 45 days off and worked for another week.

When I got back from sick leave, there was a letter to me stating that I was NOT to be on any Postal Service computers. What’s with that? My job was to be a computer systems operator!

So I proceed to take some more action. I write to all the government agencies I can find.

I finally get a call from the OPM in DC. The person on the other end of the phone wants to make a deal. He stated that if I would sign this legal agreement to NOT get on any Postal Service computers, I could finish my career on sick leave.


What a deal! You mean to say that this computer systems operator is NOT allowed to do his job?
That was the offer.

So I finished my last seven months on sick leave.

I was using the Postal Service computers to do my job.

The managers at the Postal Service wanted me out of there.

I was told by many of my co-workers that I could have filed a discrimination complaint for lots of $$$. I chose to quietly retire with honor.

Here endeth my final years of working for the Postal Service.

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