Saturday, December 12, 2009


12/12/2009 4:57:34 AM

It’s time for my video report for the week. I’ve been doing this now for quite a few weeks. I have no idea if anyone watches these videos, and frankly, I don’t care.

It’s time for my cold to leave. This illness has gone on long enough. My main illness is my balance. If I were to stand at attention wearing a military uniform, I’d be singled out.

If I were to be asked to walk a straight line, I’d fail. I’m not even drunk!

There’s a good book for anyone to read “Christmas Sweater” by Glenn Beck.

The news this week is Climategate. What a hoax!

I’m a Palin supporter. I’m a dittohead, I’ve been Hannitized and I watch FOX news.

Does that make me a homophobe, sexist , racist, the left wing liberals name call us?

We have a new business card:


I see that the video is ready to be posted to

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