Monday, February 15, 2010


2/15/2010 6:47:52 AM

It’s Monday and I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to write about today. I just figured out what I’m about to write about.


Computers are dumb! They only do exactly what you tell them to do. They have absolutely no emotions. They do exactly what you tell them to do. They don’t talk back, well, some of them do.

Computers are just a bunch of zeroes and ones.



  1. It's not so much the hardware that's the problem, it's the software. Every hacker in the world wants to hack Windows. My main computers have a dual operating systems installed, Vista or XP and Ubuntu 9.10. What is nice about Ubuntu not looking around for my driver disks, Ubuntu picks up all the devices with no problem.
    The best part it's FREE! There are tons of free software and no malware or virus problems.

  2. That's the difficult part about the technological "mystique," when you ask a normal person (true, difficult to find in our "prozac nation") whether they know the difference between a "1" (one, "on") and a "0" (zero, "off"), those who are not completely drugged are able to answer "Yes" that they know the difference. But, even for them, the analogy to the computer only "knowing" the difference between "off" and "on" somehow is a difficulty they cannot overcome. And, to expand to the concept that the computer does multiplication and division by addition really blows them away (imagine if you were to mention "Chisanbop")! Finally, to suggest to the MS (Microsoft, not multiple sclerosis) crowd that there are other "free" computer operating systems, really puts you out in left field!

    Here at home, I run Windows XP Pro on one of my laptops with Windows Vista Ultimate on another laptop and also on the Desktop. Of course, when I'm rebooting one or another (or all) of those operating systems, then I move over to another laptop which has been running Knoppix (from the DVD, so with 4 GB of free software) for what seems like "forever" (recall the [Urban Legend?] of the Linux kiosk system which was bricked up and later found running, years later)! When I'm at the apartment, I'm running Knoppix (from DVD) on a high-end desktop!

    So, that's why my home page says that during my computer programming career I've basically been writing stories for machines that can only tell the difference between a "one" and a "zero" - an adding machine that "thinks"!

    Have a Great Day!