Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Health

2/16/2010 5:29:11 AM

OK .. the folks have been asking about my health, so I’ll write a little about myself and where I am regarding my health issue.

But first I gotta tell ya .. Sally & I are both CLUTZES! WOW, my word checker program even likes that word. Sally used my recliner as an overnighter. She spilled coke all over (in her sleep?) and I’m cleaning up her mess. So we share the same recliner in our family room. At times accidents will happen. I love you Sal. Fortunately my laptop is still working.

Now let me get back to what’s going on with my body. As many of you may or may not know, or could care less, I have some health issues. I’m not as unhealthy as my older brother Dale, but I’m running a close 2nd. Well, maybe brother Wes might be ahead of me.

Yesterday I arrived at St. Francis hospital for my physical therapy. The therapist wrote on their computer that I have one leg shorter than the other. Could that be the reason for my imbalance? .. Who knows. My right leg is 37.5 inches in length. My left leg is 37 inches in length. WOW! .. could that explain my neuropathy?

So the therapist recommends I put some inserts in my right shoe to balance my self out.

Then there’s OUR type II Diabetes. I say ” OUR” because Sally also has the disease. Fortunately we can control the disease with proper diet. Sally’s blood sugar is always lower than mine. NO, we’re not taking insulin.

So in a nutshell, I’m a mess.

My imbalance and headaches continues.

Maybe I should start taking RELIV again. I seemed to be healthier when I was consuming RELIV daily.

Ask me about RELIV.com

I’m scheduled to see my primary physician today.

Wish me well



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  1. Maybe, just maybe, you should check out the Recharge Biomedical Clinic. That TA-65 nutriceutical seems like just the ticket (according to the genome studies detailed at the Wikipedia page on Telomerase. Though a bit pricey, Recharge suggests a "two year" regimen and charges $6,275 per six months of "treatment", we're hoping for a Chinese source of the herb!

    "Ye Shall Have A Song!"