Monday, May 31, 2010

Metro Lutheran questions

Metro Lutheran question:

When you attended LBI did you have plans for more study? If so, did
> you complete it? If so, where, and in what vocational direction did it
> lead you?

My answer:

After my one-year bible school at LBI, I had no clue what to do. All I knew was that I was with Jesus. I ventured out to the St. Joe National with the forest service. We had a dorm room at the ranger station near Clarkia Idaho.

The following year I attended my 2nd year at SDSU in Brookings SD. I was still undecided about my future. The Vietnam War was heating up and I wanted to serve my country.

Metro Lutheran question:
My research suggests to me that LBI was popular among Scandinavian
> Lutherans in the U.S., but perhaps not so much among German Lutherans
> (I came out of the old German ALC; we had no history with LBI). Why do
> you suppose that was?

My answer:

My “NorVegun” ancestry is full of faith based Lutherans, at least on my mother’s lineage. The Norwegian Lutheran Hauge synod was pioneered by my great grandfather, Olai Olson Bergh. I have much genealogical information posted on the web.

Visit us on the web:

Perhaps there were some prejudices from the WWII against the Germans? Just speculating.

Metro Lutheran question:
Clearly LBI has experienced a decline from its apex. When was the
> high point? And, as far as you can tell, what contributed to the
> waning of the movement?

My answer:
I would like to think that perhaps the decline was lack of spirituality? I left the LBI after one year and was taking passive interest at the time.

Metro Lutheran question:
What do you hope (expect) will happen at your reunion in July?

My answer:
I will help by looking for past articles, rosters, etc. from my home here in Topeka KS. If/when I find any info that might be of help, I’ll make a web page.

Sally & I will be on a Lutheran retreat in Sky Ranch CO over the reunion weekend. .. Sorry.

Metro Lutheran question:
What else would you like readers of Metro Lutheran to know about the
> Lutheran Bible Institute phenomenon and its legacy?

My answer:
Did you know that my soon to be 97-year-old mother, Cecelia Mildred (Bergh) Holter, also attended one year at LBI? I believe the year was perhaps in the early 1930’s. Mom is currently a resident at Greenleaf assisted living in Brookings, SD. Send someone over to her for an interview.

I think we were the last dorm residents at Portland? Ave. My roommates then were Hugh Brower? and Tom Sime. Tom and I used to watch domestic fights from the window of our dorm. We would eat popcorn and be entertained by police visits.

I was popular as I was one of few students who owned a car. We used to drive to school from Portland Ave. to Olson Highway (weather permitting).

I was many fond memories of my school year.

Please tell me a little about your vocational path -- what you did in
> your adult years, what you're doing now, and how your LBI experience
> shaped that.. (If you think I've already asked this, simply disregard
> this question.)

After LBI:

Summer 1965 – Forest Service – Clarkia ID
School Year 1965-66 SDSU Brookings SD
Farm Laborer May-Aug 1966? Bruce SD (my hometown)
Military 1966-1970 USAF – Offutt AFB Omaha NE (active duty)
Married Sally Corry Oct 4, 1969
Two sons: John & Mark
Federal employment: USPS (34 years) with Military
Military: Honorable discharge 23 years with National Guard

Currently I’m retired.

In Christ,

Myron Holter
5112 SW 33rd ST
Topeka KS 66614 (web)


  1. Excuse the grammer and typos .. reply if you'd like. (a working email address too )

  2. Good Day Myron!

    Sorry to see that you will not be able to attend the reunion.

    Are you still planning to do a video to be used to introduce attendees to that internet capability?


  3. GREAT IDEA !!!

    I'll make a video !!!


  4. And, do you have any interest in working on setting up either a Skype video call or a Livestream Procaster presentation on LBI-MPLS-TV with Pastor Kibler (as per my email to you of 5/20/2010) for the reunion?


  5. Yes ... Use the web for sharing our FAITH