Saturday, June 30, 2012

Financial Peace

Sally & I are lifetime members.

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  1. I've previously mentioned the "Money as Debt" series by Paul Grignon:

    Which correctly calls the parts of the financial system as they are: Fractional reserve banking is counterfeiting. Charging interest is usury. Student loans are loansharking operations. Trading currencies is money changing. Since our income tax is used to pay back the loans our government took out from the bankers, it is really extortion. And, bailing out the bankers who actually loaned us the bailout money, and legislating US citizens to pay them back, with interest, is serfdom.

    The following questions remain: How do you make an informed decision in the commissions vs fees vs hourly rate payment structures for your financial gurus?

    And, would you consider a reference to Matthew 19:24 to be "doctrinal nitpicking" (as Dave Ramsey does)?

    As always, ENJOY!