Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Web

A little bit about what I do with the Internet


  1. Hey, I actually found your weakly-weekly WWW site from your blog pages . . . hope I remember how to get here next time . . .

  2. Good Day Myron (and Sally)!

    Some thoughts upon reviewing your Weakly-Weekly blog postings for the past - oh, four weeks, or so - if when you close you say, "God Bless America, they need it," then it makes it appear as though you are not part of America . . . ?

    Also, did you have the pneumonia shot? And, do you sanitize your American Patriot and other coffee cups that you use regularly? Reoccurence of pneumonia like symptoms could be passed from them . . . .

    Over and out for now . . .

  3. I meant "we" not they.. thanks for the note my friend
    My pneumonia has taken a hike too.